Repair & Maintenance of All HVAC Equipment

Air Conditioner Service

We repair and provide maintenance on all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Our family-friendly and qualified service technicians are trained and tested in the field. We hire the best to provide the best service to our customers by having our technicians being NATE-certified and continue to attend training in our industry.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

With a twice a year Elite Safety & Efficiency Agreement we’ll contact you every six months to schedule your system checkup and cleaning, you can rest assure your home will remain comfortable and operate efficiently and economically all year long. Please contact us for information on our Elite Safety & Efficiency Agreement.

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Replacement

We offer Free estimates for replacing heating and air conditioning systems. Our sales consultant will explain to our customers the different types of furnaces and heaters to help educate on choosing the best system for your needs.

A single-stage air conditioner only has one motor speed. Consequently, the air conditioner is operating at its full, 100 percent capacity at all times. When the room reaches the desired temperature on the thermostat, the air conditioner motor will turn off and cease to push and blow cool air through the ducts and vents of the home. When the room temperature rises above the thermostat setting, the air conditioner turns back on again to disburse cool air through the home's ductwork system and vents.

A two-stage air conditioner uses two motor speeds to blow cool air into rooms. The motor will run at 100 percent of its capacity or around 67 percent of its capacity. When it is blowing at 100 percent, that is the second stage; the 67 percent capacity is the first stage. The air conditioner is signaled which stage to use by the thermostat. For example, if you have been away from home and turned the air conditioner off, the thermostat will signal the air conditioner to use the second, full-capacity stage to cool the home quickly and reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat. Once the desired room temperature is reached, the thermostat will signal the air conditioner to drop down to the first stage.

What is a SEER?

Each type of system also has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner and the more money you save on electricity.